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Chuffing along

What have we been up to recently? Things have been moving slow but this is expected as we must eat, and so do what funds that food - work! Unfortunately or fortunately (depending how you look at it) we have been busy working. This means Trains & Things has moved slower than we would like, as T&T is not our bread and butter. But lets get into it and tell you what we have been up too over the last few months!

Pain Points The programming department has been working on resolving pain points. Pain points are those things that take away from the fun smooth flowing feel of the game.

The biggest point of pain was having to manually take out a loan if you could not afford the purchase presented to you. This meant having to halt what you were doing, opening the company tab (or worse, leaving it open!) and taking out a loan from the bank, then you could complete your purchase.

This now works by changing the button to 'Loan & Purchase' and will automatically take out a l…

Back On Track

In our last blog we said:
We have decided to halt development until Godot 3.1 is released, as there are two critical issues we require that [we] are expecting: LOD, and Multiplayer Timeout settings. We expected Godot 3.1 to include fixes for both of these issues, however they have been pushed back to Godot 4.0 which probably won't be out this year.

Now that we have had a break I want to get Trains & Things into some sort of ship-able product. It is 80% done so why not put in some effort and get it out there?

Finally, in talking with the team, we have decided to get back on the tracks and work around the missing Godot features, and we have put together a little list of the things we want to do before we consider shipping:

1) Performance improvements
2) Polish up a set of maps
3) Deal with some pain points
4) PR/Marketing/Social

It sounds so simple! In fact the biggest problem we are facing is a lack of time - which a successful Kickstarter would have provided. Instead all w…