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Going back in time

Going back in time It been a long painful one this time around. We have stepped back in time to fix up some of our old projects, so lets jump in and tell you what we have been doing over at bitshift . Dog Fight As we have recently updated our company name, I decided to dig our our previous project: Dog Fight. I figured it should be easy to just pull it out, update the version of the Unreal Engine it is running on from 4.11 to 4.18, change the splash screen with our new company logo and possibly add Vulcan support (which we hoped to release with but never made the cut). Unfortunately I have forgotten how painful and slow using the UE4 Engine was/is. I've wasted a good half a week just trying to get the game open in the editor. The frustrating part is that it takes so long to do one thing, and if you do not get it right I need to go back and try again - which has happened a lot! But at least I now have this running on the latest UE4 engine but have put this on hold. QLaunc