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Working towards 0.4

We've been plugging away at the next major milestone which still needs a catchy name. No not COVID-19, the last thing we want to do is take advantage of the panic and fear. As mentioned previously we have been working on adding the China map! We looked at the Shenzhen region but found the region was extremely flat and geographically boring. So we have opted for the Beijing area which is still very flat, but at least has some water ways and mountains. China - Work In Progress On the programming side, one of the big new features we have been working on is the Event (or notification) system. This basically popup events in the bottom right of the screen notifying the player of significant game events. This was implemented primarily as a means to help players in PvP games have some idea how their company is tracking without needing to keep the Shares panel open. We have added in a quarterly report here also to you also don't need to have your own company panel open all the

Editor & Mod Tools Released

  Just a quick post to let all you Modders know that the Trains & Things Editor is finally available for download via Steam! Download it, open it and it will process the raw assets - this will take some time. Then once done you can look over the code, assets and find some tutorials under the Bitshift > Docs menu. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

0.3 - Modders Delight

Version 0.3 - our second major update is out now!   Please note that for the 0.3 release you must delete project.godot from the game install directory! If in doubt, delete the Trains And Things directory and re-install it. This will ensure Trains & Things will show the correct version. First up is this snippet of news from Godot (the engine we are using): I've posted this as it has some major implications for us. In short, the Vulkan branch is now the primary branch of development by everyone working on Godot! What are the repercussions here for us? Well, this means that the Vulkan branch (now known as the master branch) will now be changing rapidly, indeed mass changes have been happening! Some of these include fixes, and no doubt some will cause instability. For 0.3 we have locked down to a build that is a few weeks old as it is a stable known point. The latest and greatest version of the