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April, 2017

Well its been a good month but a long month. We have been working on a variety of tasks. Firstly, we have a new company name renaming our company from Black Carbon to bitshift, and we have a new website to go with it, previously we had none! Which you can check out here: As part of this we have started setting up social media accounts and would love for you to follow us on twitter , reddit , blogger and facebook . On our new website we have our previous project: Dog Fight , which is available on Steam . There is also a page for our new super secret project: Trains & Things.  So what have we been working on in regard to Trains & Things? Here we have been nailing down the build processes and pipeline, resolving some issues as we go along and preparing the code (at github ). We want YOU, the community to have access to the bulk of our code and assets for modding purposes and if you would like to contribute to help hasten the project along! Those w