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Waiting for Godot

Let's take a look over what has been happening (or not happening) over the past month(s)... Context menu A picture paints a thousand words, so need I say more? Okay, a few more. Activated with right click, you can now view some options that were previously only available via keyboard shortcuts. Updated build pipeline A large portion of time has been spent working on the build pipeline. These are the build scripts that basically automate builds, testing, uploading to steam/itch and finally post a message to our matrix channel ( when a new build has been uploaded. So those who are already in this room will have seen some of these messages flying around. Part of this script has been automating the build version number which at the moment looks something like this: 0.1.1501.af64ef3 this version number is made up of 4 parts: {major version}.{minor version}.{patch}.{git hash} you as the user are likely only interested in the first 3 numbers, where 0