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Terrain Yes we are dealing with terrain again! While we had 8-bit initially, then went to 16-bit but found using texture image editing software support lacking so we decided lets just make 8-bit work. As we proceeded, I just wasn't happy with the terrain, and as you increase the terrain geometry it would start to "step." The final nail was to see the tracks again also going "jaggey" making things look terrible. Terrain quality at varying bit depth See what I mean?! So whats changed now? Well, we've embraced blender as our terrain editing tool. My bro, the artist on the team has been programming the tools to allow us to use blender in our terrain pipeline. This has freed me, the programmer on the team to do some art! What have I been doing as the artist you say? Well, I present to you... Texas  Texas posing for a beauty shot Ain't she a beauty? This is based loosely off of actual GIS elevation data, which we take into blender and smo