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v0.2 b1797 Released

Just a quick one, we have released a hot fix for version 0.2, build 1797. We have disabled most of the water shader as there are still some issues with Godot we are waiting to be fixed which has caused some random problems with water. And we simply have removed the water from New Zealand for now as it has its own special problem. Also note that you should delete the project.godot file in your Trains And Things directory, this is a new issue we found over the weekend which causes the game to display the incorrect version number and will stop you being able to join other plays if there is a version mismatch. Finally, we have added in some log supplies into New Zealand map as this resource "chain" was incomplete.

0.2 - Warehouse Update

Version 0.2 of Trains & Things has just been released! We have labeled this update the Warehouse update. The key feature is a new building which is the warehouse. The player can build these and use them to store goods for transfer to other trains. This should mix up the play style of the game considerably, at least on the larger maps, and give the player more options on how to layout their railroads. To use them you build one, then build a train station on it. When you are setting up a train to unload items you can click the train cargo and it will then move into the warehouse. Once this train is setup to unload a product at the warehouse, it will carry the icon to allow you to setup other trains that can then load this product out of the warehouse. Art On the art front, the plan is to do a pass of all the existing maps and check that they are up to scratch visually. New Zealand map is the first to get a cleanup and is available in this warehouse update. New Zealand Ma