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Kickstarter & Demo Now Live!

Kickstarter & Demo Now Live Trains & Things Kickstarter is now live! Go visit our Kickstarter page and support us.  There you will find a link to a demo!!! YAY! The demo includes two maps, a tutorial level and Hawaii, which you will have seen in many screenshots. It is also limited to 30 minutes of play time which should be enough to give you a good taste of the game. Finally, I've put together video running you through the tutorial level in case you happen to get stuck.

Kickstarter Prep

Mac OSX Build Good news! We have a Mac build of Trains & Things functional! But, we have no Mac to test our build on! So I've sent a demo build to a mate who has confirmed that it is working! Secondly, you may have heard the news of Apple depreciating OpenGL and OpenCL. src: Apples walled garden got a little bit scarier! I don't know what this means for Mac support for us in the long term, it really boils down to what the Godot team decide. Either way, I suspect that we will try to ship a Mac build but that it will remain officially unsupported - ie. if it doesn't work, we wont invest much time in it, but if it works for you, great!   Track Building Over Time Since time began (early 2017 for Trains & Things) tracks have always built instantly. You plan the path they are to take, press the buy button and *BAM* instant track. Yet it has always been planned that tracks would build over time. I've been putting it off, others on the team