April, 2017

Well its been a good month but a long month. We have been working on a variety of tasks.

Firstly, we have a new company name renaming our company from Black Carbon to bitshift, and we have a new website to go with it, previously we had none! Which you can check out here: http://bit-shift.io/
As part of this we have started setting up social media accounts and would love for you to follow us on twitter, reddit, blogger and facebook.

On our new website we have our previous project: Dog Fight, which is available on Steam.

There is also a page for our new super secret project: Trains & Things. 

So what have we been working on in regard to Trains & Things?

Here we have been nailing down the build processes and pipeline, resolving some issues as we go along and preparing the code (at github). We want YOU, the community to have access to the bulk of our code and assets for modding purposes and if you would like to contribute to help hasten the project along!
Those who contribute will be put in the credits.

Developing on Linux has made the process a whole lot easier as we jumped from Windows to Linux.
This means Linux is our primary development platform, while windows is now the secondary platform.

We have considered itch.io integration but we are still undecided on if we want any DRM at all, this is something we are still sitting on and thinking about. Let us know your opinion.

We have also been moving some of the heavy lifting code from GDScript to C++. In particular the utility code that is used often, terrain generation from height map and water.

We have made the jump from Godot 2 to Godot 3. This has meant there is a big set back in the art department as we have no custom shader support yet as Godot 3 is not even in alpha, but we decided to make the jump early to get it done as early in the prototyping phase as possible.

Behind the scenes we have jumped from Trello as our project management tool to JIRA. This gives us more control over the tasks and helps provide more information than Trello ever could, we can now put in task estimates, setup task dependencies and better plan what tasks we want to do in our releases.

We are considering a Kick-starter project some where before the end of the year and we will probably start pushing the media machine somewhere around June or July if all goes well!

Again, follow us on social media so we can keep you up to date. And let your friends know about this project too.

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