Post Kickstarter

Well, the Kickstarter is finally over and the results have been abysmal.
We only had a hand full of backers, so thank you to those people.

The Stats

Lets look at some stats:

In the last month, we have had about 1,400 people come to our Kickstarter page with only 12 people following through - a conversion rate of 0.857%.

Reddit indicates that 43,800 people viewed our adverts, with 507 clicks - a conversion rate of 1.158%.
Youtube indicates that 29,000 people viewed our adverts with only 29 clicks - a conversion rate of 0.1%.
Twitter failed to even launch the advertising campaign and our attempts to reach out to them fell on deaf ears.
Also our attempts to reach out to the gaming press also mostly fell on deaf ears with the exception of gaming on linux

From my research a conversion rate of about 1-2% is normal.

What now?

We have taken the last month to reflect and pester the press and twitter (with no luck). We lack the funding to be able to complete Trains & Things to the level we would be able to with a successful Kickstarter. We would still like to release Trains & Things but it must take a back seat as it has all been done in our spare time. There have been many sacrifices to get this far, unfortunately, life catches up and I doubt we would continue at the rate we have been going.

We have decided to halt development until Godot 3.1 is released, as there are two critical issues we require that are expecting: LOD, and Multiplayer Timeout settings.

We will again review the situation once Godot 3.1 is released. If we have some renewed enthusiasm and have the available spare time we will fashion some more maps and attempt to ship something into Early Access. I recommend you add Trains & Things to your Steam wishlist or subscribe to this blog to be updated if/when we resume development.

Also, we will be giving those who backed us a free copy of Trains & Things on Steam. Even though we do not have a shipping version we will give you access to what we already have, just to say thank you!

Thanks for your support, and remember it is not the end of the world! So something light hearted to end with:


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