0.2 - Warehouse Update

Version 0.2 of Trains & Things has just been released!

We have labeled this update the Warehouse update. The key feature is a new building which is the warehouse. The player can build these and use them to store goods for transfer to other trains. This should mix up the play style of the game considerably, at least on the larger maps, and give the player more options on how to layout their railroads.

To use them you build one, then build a train station on it. When you are setting up a train to unload items you can click the train cargo and it will then move into the warehouse. Once this train is setup to unload a product at the warehouse, it will carry the icon to allow you to setup other trains that can then load this product out of the warehouse.


On the art front, the plan is to do a pass of all the existing maps and check that they are up to scratch visually. New Zealand map is the first to get a cleanup and is available in this warehouse update.

New Zealand Map

We have been adding resource, trees and various props to New Zealand. This map is going to be a compact map with resources crammed in, with lots of trees blocking the path. It could be a real nightmare to get every drop of profit out of this one!

Added trees and resources


On the programming front, bullets are flying and I'm hiding in the trench trying to stay alive! Na but seriously, programing department is going well.
I've finished off some upgrades to the build system to improve detecting errors such as failing to build an executable. This came about as I was notified that I had accidentally shipped the demo without an executable!
I have been refactoring the code that checks for the end of the game and working on adding a proper UI to show who won! No more vague message about the game being over with not information, we got a proper scoreboard! This is now available in the 0.2 update.

I've also balanced the game a little, reducing some costs here and there and adding in extra pre-configured game settings to allow for more casual players. I played a game where I actually finished it and saw the new end game scoreboard which was really good!

I hammered out a lot of little niggly bugs - especially multiplayer bugs that just help multiplayer feel a lot more solid.

Another thing we have done is to open up the beta branch to the public. So you can get future versions a few days earlier if you so desire.

I also forgot to release the editor on steam when we released the other week, so I have been working on getting that out the door so all you moders can start making mods!

With 0.2 hot off the press, we have moved onto 0.3 with the major feature being mod.io integration, but more on that next time!

0.2 - Changelog

Here is a complete list of changes for version 0.2 Warehousing update:

New features:
  • Player buildable Warehouse [#15]
  • Casual game settings [#83]
  • End game scoreboard [#19]
  • Server password support [#49]
  • New Zealand now playable [#39]

Bug fixes:
  • Edit vehicle computing incorrect cost/refund [#55]
  • Deleting buildings, tracks and vehicles not giving correct refund [#77]
  • Track costing nothing for clients [#64]
  • Template buildings/vehicles having invisible collision at origin [#61]
  • Alpha scissor breaking track build animation [#34]
  • Select outline effect [#35]
  • Deleting non-company owned tracks [#68]
  • Depth of field options in console [#66]
  • Slaugherhouse not producing hide [#69]
  • Shares dialog not resizeable [#70]
  • Camera being able to pan outside game world [#60]
  • Post effects [#36]
  • Reduced cost of Terminal from $50000 to $40000 [#86]
  • Reduced cost of Tracks from $80 to $60 per metre [#86]
  • Tracks display correct values in company panel [#87]
  • Player names now display correctly [#54]
Known issues:
  • Temporarily disabled trees on Greece and Grand Canyon due to performance [#79]

0.2 - Trailer

Finally, we leave you with a brief video of the primary features in v0.2.

That is all folks!
The bitshift team

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