June, 2017

In the land of 0's and 1's (The code department)

The heavy stuff in regard to circles and lines is now coming to an end. It is all working really well and makes laying down a track very easy.
There are still many bugs at the moment which will be ironed out over time.

While I have done some *cough* Factorio research *cough* in my spare time to work out why trains are such a pain to use in that game I stumbled across this great video:

Right! Enough playing around.

Also because we are working with godot 3, which is barely alpha. There have been a few show stoppers, one is that we can't write custom shaders so have had no terrain textures since we ported over. I got feed up with seeing bland terrain so have forked the engine made some changes, submitted a pull request and done some more C++ to allow us to make out own terrain material!
This means we have terrain textures back in.

We also are doing some profiling as we are getting some strangly low performance on certain hardware. I suspect this is also an issue with godot 3 alpha status but hopefully the results we gather will help them (or us!) fix things up.

Now it is time to also get multiplayer back up and running again. This will allow us to sit down, have a game and work out what needs to be worked on next.

I poop rainbows (Art Dept.) 

Dancing through the flowers, over the lush green hills.... bam! Time to write a blog! Things have ground to halt here as the godot show stoppers have really hit us hard. We are slowly pushing on and hoping the code department can resolve the last one or two show stoppers for us soon.

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