The end of hibernation

Well, study is finally winding down as I finish my degree. That means I now have time to resume work on T&T.
Since last time I haven't done much apart from keep an eye on on the Godot engine watching it become more and more stable and getting in a few of my own bug fixes.
My computer blew up which was well over 5 years old. I have built a new system: a Ryzen 5 1600, RX580 and a 29" ultrawide monitor. This thing is such a dream to work on.
As I write this up, I am doing a build which is making out all 12 threads at 100%!

First thing I have worked on is to get the latest Godot code and get T&T working again as the engine API is still in flux. The closer Godot gets to a release the less and less this will change.

I am also looking now at working getting the master server working with the Matrix IM protocol. Previously I was using IRC as a chat and master server system but it took too long to connect to the IRC channels. Matrix is much faster, and I have pushed it from gdscript into C++ so that it is even quicker.

I have also spent some time considering different options on how to proceed with development and using T&T as an income stream. At the moment I fit it in around life as a hobby. I have considered making it my primary job, which would require a successful Kickstarter campaign, but I do not want to go there as that will involve significant time invested in marketing, which irks me and would sap the enjoyment out of development. For now it will remain a hobby, but seeing as I am looking for work I hope to be able to commit some solid time to pushing the project forward!

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