Trains & Things - OUT NOW!

Trains & Things - It's out now! Go get it! Buy it, play it, love it. Invite your friends to play! On Steam or Itch

Also for those who have been wanting to try the demo recently but haven't been able to as the recent builds got uploaded without executables, this is now fixed!

0.2 - Warehousing

Now that 0.1 is done and dusted whats next? Version 0.2 of course, which we have named "Warehousing" as this is the primary feature which I will talk about more in a second.

To see a complete list of what to expect in 0.2 you can head over to our GitLab page: GitLab Issue Tracking. Do note that this is more a "wishlist" than a "it shall be so" list. Things might get pushed in or moved to a future update.

In preparing this blog I have been a bit hesitant to talk about what I am working on and fixing for the next release as I have found some exploits that currently exist in 0.1 but will be fixed in 0.2. I would encourage you NOT to use them to your advantage when playing with others.

So now lets see what I have been working on this past week while 0.1 has been in lock down:

  • So far I have fixed the vehicle edit dialog computing the incorrect costs to refund or charge the player.

  • Tracks costing nothing for clients, which I stumbled across while implementing the Warehouses has also been fixed.

  • Invisible collision at the origin which I found while scaling up the tutorial level (now I know why all games have this problem!) are fixed.

  • I took some time and fixed the selection effect by working around a Godot bug.
Selection Outline Effects

  • Track animations have been fixed which broke due to a shader change in the Vulkan branch of Godot.

  • Depth of Field makes a come back for those who want to take glorious screenshots! You will need to do this via the console (~ key), and press ? key to go into free camera mode.
Depth of Field

  • Added player build-able Warehouses! This is the major feature for 0.2 and it should mix up the gameplay a good deal.

    After I implemented it my brother said we should have a multiplayer game to try it out. So we loaded up Texas and I started building away as you do. After about 15 minutes I hear a sigh and look over and my brother says "I think I'm done!" I asked him to explain more, and he proceeded to tell me how he go himself into debt and was not making profit to cover his expenses. I looked over and saw he had covered a quarter of the map in railroads! Stretched so thin so early in the game was not good! So we ended up aborting the game (clearly when we used to play he was not used to paying for tracks!).
    Later I remembered why we had started the game in the first place - to test out the Warehouse! We had a good laugh that we couldn't even get to a stage to test it out and were so used to playing the same way we normally do that I forgot to try it out.
Warehouse acting as a hub

Have a good weekend and we hope you enjoy playing Trains & Things,
The bitshift team.

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