Working towards 0.4

We've been plugging away at the next major milestone which still needs a catchy name. No not COVID-19, the last thing we want to do is take advantage of the panic and fear.

As mentioned previously we have been working on adding the China map! We looked at the Shenzhen region but found the region was extremely flat and geographically boring. So we have opted for the Beijing area which is still very flat, but at least has some water ways and mountains.

China - Work In Progress

On the programming side, one of the big new features we have been working on is the Event (or notification) system. This basically popup events in the bottom right of the screen notifying the player of significant game events. This was implemented primarily as a means to help players in PvP games have some idea how their company is tracking without needing to keep the Shares panel open. We have added in a quarterly report here also to you also don't need to have your own company panel open all the time as well. Additionally, we are showing when cities, and industries and what not either level up or level down.

A event/notification triggered by one companies net worth causing them to over take another to help in PvP games

A nice quarter report of revenue and expenses will also be shown to keep you informed of your companies progress

Another little feature we have added is the ability to double left click, or left click to confirm purchases. So you don't need to hit the purchase button or spacebar.

The arrows keys now work the same as the WASD keys to move the camera

We have also been doing some bug fixing.

Vantage point camera is no longer wonky! The camera keeps the correct orientation now.

The track loops bug has finally been fixed as this really became a massive problem with double left click to confirm building.

Finally there has been some internal code clean up, but this won't affect anything in the game - except make our code more durable to engine changes.

On the Godot engine front we have not moved forward on the Godot engine as we are still waiting for some critical fixes unfortunately.

What I am about to start on next is a revamp of the company panel so that instead of it showing just the total values (profit, revenue, expenses etc) since the company was formed is to show yearly values so you can work out if your company is progressing or not far easier. It should be similar to what you would see in OpenTTD.

That's all for now,
The bitshift team.

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