Trains & Things Official Announcement

Build a logistics company from the ground up using trains, planes and automobiles in this real time multiplayer focused economic strategy game.


  • Multiplayer via internet and LAN
  • Real time economic strategy
  • Manage a logistics company
  • Build railways, airports and roads
  • Transport numerous goods to meet supply and demand
  • Custom map and mod support


Head on over to the Trains & Things website to see some full sized screenshots.

Connect with the community

@bitshift we have been working hard on developing Trains & Things. We are wanting to open up our development to you, the public, so that you can stay in the loop and contribute. We want to form a community around our game, we want you to take what we make and modify it, add to it, have input in to it.

So, follow us on Twitter or Facebook where we are currently posting monthly blogs. Or join us on our matrix channel

Looking Forward 

Towards the end of this year we are looking to do a Kickstarter to allow us to commit more time and resources in to this project. We would love you to stick around and join us on this journey and be a part of something great.

Head on over to our website to find out more, or connect with us through social media.

While you wait

While we are still a fair way out on the development cycle, take the time to check out our previous game Dog Fight. A multiplayer focused arcade game based on the old Apple II game Dogfight. Built on the UE4 engine and available now on Steam.

The bitshift team.

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